Additional Materials for Cicero, Illinois

In addition to providing aggregate materials, we also offer select site products for your convenience. These products include play sand, bagged concrete and shovels.

Play Sand (1 gallon)

Children’s play sand is ideal for building and molding. Play Sand works great for cast concrete projects and is perfect for outdoor water features and pools. It has been refined, washed, grated and dried.

Designed for sandboxes and play areas, Play Sand is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Play Sand comes in a 1 gallon resealable buckets.

Sand has amazing creative and tactile benefits that stimulate imagination and nurture brain development in children. It promotes creativity, kinesthetics and spatial awareness.

Ingredients: Sand, Silica, Quartz

Not for industrial use. Do not use for sand blasting. Exact colors based on availability.

Play Sand (5 pounds)

Pure Organic Ingredients Play Sand is specifically refined for children’s play, and intended for hours of creative, kinesthetic, and tactile fun. Play Sand has been carefully grated, washed and dried. Optimal for building and molding and designed for indoor or outdoor use in sandboxes and play areas.

Play sand can also be used for cast concrete projects, outdoor water features and pools.

Our 5 pound Play Sand arrives in natural, eco-friendly packaging.

Ingredients: Sand, Silica, Quartz

Not for industrial use. Do not use for sand blasting. Exact colors based on availability.

Concrete Mix (10 pounds)

General purpose, ready-to-use concrete in a convenient package size for smaller projects. Quikrete 110110 Concrete Mix is a blended mixture of properly portioned gravel, sand and Portland cement. It is easy to use and highly durable. Simply add water, following measurements on the packaging.

Perfect for placing a new mailbox and fence posts, and smaller projects including sidewalks, patios, floors, curbs and downspout troughs

Ten pound bags are approximately 8 x 5 x 2 inches. Manufactured in China. Exact colors based on availability.

Round Point Digging Shovel

True Temper long-handled digging shovel are durable and dependable. Great for general lawn and garden work.

This basic garden tool features a cushioned end grip, 45-inch handle, comfort step for secure footing, and a round point forged steel blade suitable for digging, planting, and cutting sod and small roots.

Make you next gardening project a little easier with the True Temper Forged Round Point Digging Shovel.

Exact colors based on availability.

Square Point Digging Shovel

This durable square point digging shovel is built to last. The square point shovel features a square metal blade and sturdy 44 inch solid wood straight handle.

This standard lawn and garden tool comes in handy for edging and trenching tasks. It is also useful for moving small shrubs and bushes.

Square edge shovels are great for digging into hard soil and ideal for areas with compact grounds.

Exact colors based on availability.


The WORX 8 in 1 Aerocart provides the versatility you need to accommodate any task. It is designed to function as a wheelbarrow, yard cart and dolly, saving you space by reducing the need for multiple tools.

The Aerocart can carry up to 300 lbs in Wheelbarrow mode, 200 lbs as a Dolly, 80 lbs as a Rock or Plant Mover, 80 lbs as an Extended Dolly, 40 lbs as a Bag Holder, 80 lbs as a Cylinder Holder, and it can move trailers of up to 1000 lbs.

The Aerocart has been carefully designed by engineers to maximize functionality and ease of use. The wheels serve are positioned at just the right place to balance and carry weight with minimal effort making 200 pounds feel like approximately 17 pounds.

Exact colors based on availability.

Leather Work Gloves

These economy leather work gloves are rugged, lightweight and versatile.

The leather gloves feature soft and durable cowhide leather for protection and comfort and single palm with Grade A split leather. The gloves also feature reinforced palms and knuckles, 3 inch safety cuff and cotton lined backing for increased airflow and improved breathability.

Leather work gloves are ideal for jobs that require light to moderate protection. They may be used in industrial, construction, carpentry and manufacturing environments

Exact colors based on availability.

Professional Grade Landscaping Edging

Benda Board heavy duty landscaping edging is 3.3 inches thick and 16 feet long.

This professional grade edging is made from recycled materials that are safe for children and pets. Each kit includes 16 feet of edging and 4 professional grade J style ground stakes.

Landscaping edging is ideal for mow strips, tree rings, planters, landscape border, concrete form boards, rock garden definition, pathway borders, flower bed definition and more.

Benda Board is made in the USA! Exact color may vary based on production and availability.

Bender Board Edging Stakes

These heavy duty border edging stakes are easy to install with pre-drilled holes for easy attachment to bender board. Simply hammer the stakes into the soil and screw into the bender board for added support.

Edging stakes are 12 inch long, 1 inch wide and 0.5 inch deep. These stakes are made from recycled resin and sold in packages of 10.

These professional grade edging stakes are made for use with traditional heavy duty bender board garden edging or thinner terrace board edging.

Screw holes are pre drilled for easy use. Screws not included. Exact color may vary based on production and availability.

Siteline Level Package

The Siteline Level Package includes everything you need to ensure accurate leveling for your project or construction site.

Each package includes Siteline Level, builders flat head aluminum tripod and 9ft aluminum grade rod. The siteline level offers a 1/4 inch at 100-Feet leveling accuracy and 20x Magnification for a working range that exceeds 200ft.

The multi-layer coated lends provided clear readings while the rubber lens jacket protects the lends and provides sun shade. Continuous Tangent Drive make operation fast and easy.

Package includes Siteline level, tripod, 9ft grade rod, carrying case for level, plumb bob & manual. Exact colors based on availability.

Driveway Markers

These 48 inch heavy duty high visibility driveway markers are great for driveways, parking lots and curbs for snow removal and any area that needs special awareness.

High visibility orange safety stakes have a 5/16 inch diameter and reflective tape for increased nighttime visibility. Rods feature a pointed end to allow for easy installation

Safety markers are sold in packages of 200.

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